Hello, my name is Bruno Peviani and thanks for showing up!

I am a Brazilian-Italian visual designer with more than a decade of designing experiences in several areas, including logo design, advertising campaigns, branding, and presentations. Lately, I specialise in creating UI/UX designs that add real value and make a difference for humans (mostly). 

For many years working with design, I've sharpened my eyes for beautiful and functional interfaces. What really motivates me is working collaboratively with teams to define processes and create creative visual concepts that enhance people's daily experiences so they have a great product they love. I am also always up to date with current web design trends and graphic design tools.

So far, I've been working creating concepts for brands like Sainsbury, BT, BP, EDF, TSB, United Utilities, Gillette and many many others.

When I'm not working, I like to spend time exploring different places. I usually go hiking, running or even riding a motorcycle to visit historical sites. This really helps put my head in place again.
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